The Artist

I’m brave enough to call myself an artist… By heart. I am no professional artist nor have I ever undergone any specific training/education for artistic skill enhancement (yet) to qualify me as one. I have, however, been completely engrossed with creating art since the day I discovered that crayons are actually crayons. Other than that, I am deeply in awe of many other artists who constantly inspire me to keep the love for creation in check. All the doodling, sketching and coloring/rendering had been my primary form of practice since then, not to mention the best emotional and creative outlet as well.

Indexed will be a series of posts that will feature some of my works that are inspired by certain lines from songs, anecdotes, sayings, etc. in hopes of encouraging other aspiring artists to cultivate their creative side (even without the help of professional training) and to keep the streak of inspiration and faith in your-more than awesome-selves on a roll.

 “If you are willing to do something that might not work,

you’re closer to being an artist.”

Seth Godin


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